6 Reasons Why CRM by Inspiretec Is the Best CRM for a Travel Agency

By Rebecca James 28th October 2021
6 Reasons Why CRM by Inspiretec Is the Best CRM for a Travel Agency

Travel agents are turning to technology more and more. Digital innovations led by online travel agents and consumer trends are improving customer experiences and supporting agencies’ sales and marketing teams.

Customer relationship management (CRM) systems are one of those innovations that are having a significant impact on our industry — and you need to make sure you’re not left behind.

CRM by Inspiretec is backed up by over 25 years of experience producing travel technology for tour operators and travel agents, but what are the features that make it the best CRM for a travel agency?

1. We’re travel and tourism experts

When investing in a new technology, many businesses want the assurance that the service provider has an established presence and understanding of their industry. Creating intelligent solutions for the travel and tourism industry has been Inspiretec’s core focus for over two decades. We’ve been coming up with innovative digital solutions to the challenges faced by travel and leisure businesses since 1995. We’re proud to be considered a trusted partner by some of the most recognised travel brands in the world and are dedicated to continuously evolving and improving our software and services.

But don’t take our word for it. Check out our case studies.

2. Generate more leads and make more sales

A CRM system is more than just a database for customer information. It’s an incredibly effective sales and marketing tool.

Implementing CRM by Inspiretec for your travel agency will help you to generate more leads and sell to more prospects — but how?

With CRM by Inspiretec, you can combine the email builder with segmentation to create engaging marketing messaging that resonates with each contact in the database. 

The secret to selling to someone is knowing them: their interests, needs and habits. CRM by Inspiretec holds all of the data points you have on a prospect, making it easy to understand what they want and when they want it. You’ll also be able to see which customers are most engaged and therefore likely to be ready to buy, as well as where they are in the sales funnel, enabling your sales team to spend time on the leads most likely to close.

Armed with this information, your agents can tailor their messaging and offers for each lead, making a big difference to conversion rates.

3. Increase customer retention

Your customers have a lot of choice when it comes to booking their trips. This means you have to deliver an exceptional customer experience if you want to retain them long-term.

CRM by Inspiretec holds all of your customer touchpoints in one place, allowing you to build a detailed picture of that customer. This includes what trips they’ve been on, what excursions they booked and what messaging was most effective at engaging them.

This information helps your sales teams to sell, but receiving tailored deals and customer service built around them also makes it more likely they’ll book with you again.

“When building a ‘customer first’ experience, it is essential to have detailed and real-time data on what your customers need and want from their holiday. To ensure they ‘love’ their holiday, you need to go further. Working with Inspiretec, we created the capability to truly understand what our customers love about their holiday experience and gain invaluable insights to make it even better.” - Gianni Balduini, Operations Analyst, Darwin Escapes

4. Detailed reporting and analytics

A travel CRM facilitates higher lead generation, improved sales conversion rates and improved customer retention, but it relies on clear reporting and analytics so you can see what’s working and what’s not.

CRM by Inspiretec offers both ready-made sales, marketing and operations reports, and the ability to build your own based on the metrics you need visibility of.

5. Integrates with other tools

Modern travel agencies make use of a number of digital tools, but if those platforms are siloed, it can lead to breakdowns in the customer journey, leading to poor experiences.

CRM by Inspiretec integrates with a wide range of other tools you already use. Contact us for more information and to ask about integrations with specific platforms.

6. 30-day free trial

We think the benefits of CRM by Inspiretec speak for themselves, and you can find out exactly what we mean with a 30-day free trial.

We also offer an incredibly affordable pricing structure. Our 60-day cancellation policy allows you to thoroughly test our software to ensure you’re fully confident and satisfied with your investment. 

Want to find out how CRM by Inspiretec is the best CRM for a travel agency and how it’ll help you grow? Get in touch with the team and sign up for your 30-day free trial.

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