How to Get the Most out of Your CRM by Inspiretec Free Trial

By Rebecca James 16th December 2021
How to Get the Most out of Your CRM by Inspiretec Free Trial

At Inspiretec, we're big fans of The Free Trial. Other travel industry CRM providers like to keep their cards close to their chest, but we believe in transparency. 

We know that signing up for something and making a financial commitment requires a leap of faith. So, instead of running you through another look-don't-touch demo, we'd like to invite you to try everything out for yourself––and when we say everything, we mean everything. No holds barred. No deactivated modules. Push all the buttons, try all the features and encourage your entire team to discover the benefits of CRM by Inspiretec.

30 days to get maximum value from our CRM by Inspiretec

We aim to get you up and running within one business day. You will then be able to add an unlimited number of users –– that's right, all your travel agents can jump on board and weigh in on the experience. We aim to give you a comprehensive feel of the platform so that you can walk away with some tangible quick wins. To help you, we've put together a few tips to ensure you get the most of your CRM by Inspiretec free trial.

1. Hype up the team

Adopting new software can sometimes be met with resistance; that's why it's always advisable to bring potential future users into the decision making process. The more engagement you get at this stage, the easier it will be to fully integrate the CRM into your operations if you eventually move onto a paid plan. When there's agreement and inclusivity about decisions surrounding the tech you bring into your travel and leisure business, uptake and utilisation will be faster, ultimately resulting in a quicker return on investment.

2. Prepare your data

Data is everything, and the more you have, the more you can play with the CRM's interface and features. So, if you have the opportunity, we recommend getting your customer data into a correctly formatted CSV file so that you can import it into your new CRM. 

You can go even deeper and integrate your website using our API. This will allow enquiries from your website to drop directly into the CRM, giving you a chance to build your contact list, send quotes, and generate more accurate reports.

3. Explore the must-try features

If you've never used a travel-specific CRM before, you'll really enjoy seeing everything function in a way that makes sense to a travel agent––and in the industry-specific vocabulary you use. 

CRM by Inpsiretec gives you a single view of the customer experience, providing you with insights you may not have had access to before. Every customer touchpoint is documented in a scrollable feed, allowing you to build a detailed profile of their interests and preferences. You can make quick recommendations and sale-worthy offers that genuinely get their attention.   

With this single customer view, you can easily pick up a conversation with a client exactly where you last left off, regardless if it was over email or phone – it's all documented in the CRM. This helps achieve frictionless, personalised interactions with each customer, every time. The CRM will show you all the information saved against the customer’s record, such as:

  • Memberships
  • Intent – for example, surprise holiday booking, anniversary holiday, etc.
  • Complaints
  • Last inquiry, quote or booking
  • Average spend and conversion rate
  • Booking and holiday preferences

4. Scoop up some quick wins

If, like many businesses, you're now operating with a hybrid team (part remote and part on-site), CRM by Inspiretec is an excellent investment because it will help your people connect the dots between customers and provide an integrated experience regardless of where they're working from. 

We advise all of our free trial clients to have a good look at the custom reporting tools and dashboards. To understand performance, you can review the number of inquiries, quotes, and bookings you've done recently. From a strategic perspective, your management team can use these reports to see how the team is doing and identify opportunities for improvement. Further sales opportunities can be discovered by segmenting your customer base and finding suitable offers for certain groups of customers.

5. Take advantage of the support we offer

CRM by Inspiretec Academy is a dedicated interactive resource that provides you with all the technical information you may need to ensure you fully understand the ins and outs of the software and how to seize the benefits. For anything you can't find in the academy, our friendly team is available via email or telephone. 

Once the free trial is complete, we'll have a chat, finalise the paperwork and help you fully integrate the CRM into your travel and leisure business. Ultimately, we want to see you become more productive, profitable and successful. We’re confident that you’ll see the benefits our CRM can bring to your business in just 30 days. So, without further ado, click the link and let's get started!

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