The Power of CRM by Inspiretec: How a Travel Agent CRM Helped These 3 Businesses

By Rebecca James 11th November 2021
The Power of CRM by Inspiretec: How a Travel Agent CRM Helped These 3 Businesses

Across the globe, all sectors are embracing the benefits of technology, and the travel industry is no different.

There are plenty of tech-based solutions, each designed to optimise processes and deliver efficiencies, but customer relationship management (CRM) systems are now taking over as the number one travel agency software—and it’s easy to see why.

In this blog post, we’re going to take a closer look at four of the key benefits CRM by Inspiretec offers, as well as the travel companies we’ve helped to grow.


Why choose CRM by Inspiretec?

The CRM by Inspiretec is an organisation with over 25 years of experience in delivering cutting edge solutions for the travel industry.

In that time, we’ve worked with some of the most recognisable brands in the sector. We’re proud to say that our customers trust us to drive their growth and profitability through the combination of our industry expertise and innovative technology.

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The CRM software has helped real-life businesses

Don’t believe us when we say we’re the number one travel agent CRM? Below are four benefits we’ve delivered to four very different types of organisations within the tourism sector, including quotes from the companies themselves.


Benefit 1 - Management of Leads


Comprised of the world’s leading specialist travel brands, Travelopia invested in CRM by Inspiretec for four of its UK brands: Austravel, Sovereign, Citalia and Hayes & Jarvis.

Travelopia’s main objective was to manage leads and control the sales workflow via an omnichannel view of their customers. This was initially deployed for Hayes & Jarvis and Austravel, but with the positive impact on their sales conversion rate quickly apparent, it wasn’t long before Citalia and Sovereign followed suit.

CRM by Inspiretec is now the core lead management tool for all four brands, and it has allowed them to centralise all client interactions. This has transformed enquiry workflow management processes, while delivering invaluable insights to the sales teams, for example, customer website activity and previous booking history.

“CRM {by Inspiretec} has changed the way we are dealing with our enquiries and the results in terms of improved sales conversion are clear, but what’s also important is how well our internal team have taken to the platform.”
- Alison Power, Head of Delivery, Travelopia

Benefit 2 - Better customer experience

Darwin Escapes

The ‘staycation’ market is highly competitive, especially over the last 12 months, and it’s for this reason that Darwin Escapes places customer satisfaction at the heart of everything they do.

To achieve truly exceptional experiences for the customer, it was essential that Darwin owned and refined every aspect of the journey for every one of their sites.

This required a single pane of truth for every customer. This empowered Darwin to improve the end-to-end experience based on real information and insights for each touchpoint.

We worked very closely with the Darwin Escapes team to put in place an effective CRM strategy that would deliver on their objectives. A phased approach was used to ensure the infrastructure was put in place with minimal risk.

When building a ‘customer first’ experience, it is essential to have detailed and real-time data on what your customers need and want from their holiday, to ensure they ‘love’ their holiday, you need to go further. Working with Inspiretec, we created the capability to truly understand what our customers love about their holiday experience and gain invaluable insights to make it even better.”
- Gianni Balduini, Operations Analyst, Darwin Escapes


Benefit 3 - Increase business performance

The Turquoise Holiday Company

Delivering truly unique and exceptional holiday experiences requires the right digital infrastructure. Unfortunately for the Turquoise Holiday Company—a travel brand known for luxury honeymoons and tailor-made trips—their previous CRM had been holding the business back.

Turquoise wanted to gain greater customer insight and ensure the sales team could provide the very best levels of service, as well as supercharging growth, upsells and repeat business.

After implementing CRM by Inspiretec, Turquoise were able to achieve all of these goals.

“Inspiretec’s CRM is a key part of our technology puzzle, allowing us to focus on customer experience using our existing data through a personal omnichannel experience. CRM also focuses our team to work efficiently and effectively, analysing our sales, marketing and strategy, whilst improving the way we deliver a personalised and bespoke holiday service to our clients.”
- James Bell, Managing Director, The Turquoise Holiday Company


The modern travel agency requires a CRM designed specifically for the industry. CRM by Inspiretec delivers improvements across the whole customer journey, and makes it easier for you to provide an exceptional customer experience, manage leads and increase sales.

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